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You Can't Keep The Sun Down

by Brock Tyler

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Just like Chester Munday I’m a prairie boy forever But don’t look at my certificate or the name of my hometown Just watch me watch the sunset take its time to settle down And in this way I am just like Chester Munday Though we are not the same, I am no military man You simply must agree when you hold that soil in your hand The prairies have this way of making kings out of ordinary men And in this way I am just like Chester Munday Yes in this way I just like Chester Munday
Maybe on Saturday we can go out to the park See the birds and the children play and the sun set on the dark I’ve been feeling down of late but I know things will turn around On Saturday, maybe Maybe on Saturday we can sleep in really late Having stayed out 'til the dawn and then crept in through the gate Waking up ain’t so bad when there is no place I gotta be On Saturday, maybe Maybe on Saturday we can step out of single file Abandon everything we know and drive many hundred miles See the constellations without the mask of city lights On Saturday, maybe
Be thankful, then, all your life; don’t think twice Good things can come even on the worst of days When I was down and feeling absurd in the shadow of the night A simple man started singing to me a hymn of hope and life Because you live Be thankful, then, all your life; don't think twice Good friends will stand by your side in the worst of hours A black-eyed man told me all of his tears could fill a riverbed But you bring hope to the hurting and sad and sorrow will not last Sorrow will not last Because you live
There’s something about the flowers of April coming up like a prayer With an answer for you, my love Winter’s heavy coat is lifted, warm wind drifting across your face In the shining sun But wait now, wait now, wait just a little For my love to meet you Wait now, wait now, wait for the water It’s going to reach you There’s a statue down in the valley staring out at the stream It’s a picture of them, my love Smiling softly, still as the silence Islands where nobody goes, thoughts that nobody’s thinking of But wait now, wait now, wait just a little For my love to meet you Wait now, wait now, wait for the water It’s going to reach you
The snow is falling in May The snow is falling in May Thick white flakes drifting out of clouds so gray That poor tree's so cold That poor tree's so cold Its blossoms heavy with the weight of snow The robins are eating the seed The robins are eating the seed We scattered on the ground in hopes of something green I can't wait for June I can't wait for June Only two days away, don't feel like it's coming that soon
June 03:27
Every single morning the sun’s up with the moon And I’m washing my feet in the dew like a river Through the cool night to the morning I just lie here awake with you And every single morning I wake with you now Every single evening I’ll kiss your sun-filled eyes You’re like a rose in the valley that stretches for miles and miles Beneath the moonlight to the movement of the sun in the eastern skies in June And every single morning I wake with you now And I just want to see you tonight, see you tonight Under the stars, speak through the dark to me now It’s alright to want to be here tonight, with you tonight Learning the sounds of the leaves in the darkness I just want to lay here tonight, lay here tonight Under the moon that’s shining down and swims with the birds on the river I just want to stay here tonight, with you tonight Cause it’s gonna come, you can’t keep the sun down But it’s dark out for now


Available on CD at www.kinsellarecordings.com/store

These songs were recorded in a church just south of downtown in Edmonton, Alberta over a few nights in May 2011. I arrived each day in the late afternoon as staff was going home, set up the microphones, and worked into the early hours of the morning. I brought a small collection of instruments with me and used the piano and drum set that the church had. After around twenty-four hours of total recording time, this is the result.

When you record pretty much alone there usually isn’t too much to tell afterwards about the recording session. There are no meaningful interactions with other people. No jokes shared. No singing silly made-up lyrics in a kermit voice to make everyone in the control room laugh. No fistfights over artistic differences followed by hugs and reconciliation. No massage circles. Instead, you press the record button a lot, and then maybe you erase what you did and try it again. You repeat this several hundred times. Occasionally you might sigh or smile depending on the results you’re getting. You take a break to eat trail mix. You lie down on a pew for awhile and stare at the ceiling. You get up and you press the record button several hundred more times. It sounds kind of lonely, I guess, but in small doses it’s actually sort of cathartic.

However, late at night in a big building you never feel quite alone. Occasionally I would hear strange noises, like the sound of someone sneaking up behind me, or I would think I saw someone across the room out of the corner of my eye. The sounds would turn out to be the wooden ceiling of the church sanctuary snapping and popping from the humidity; the person would be a combination of a microphone twenty feet away and a plant fifty feet away, perfectly aligned. I guess my mind was trying to invent some kind of human interaction, and the room was helping it. Together they were conspiring to trick me.

Tricks aside, the room played a big role in the sound of this recording. All the reverb you hear is the church itself; nothing added later, just a few microphones standing around picking things up as I played. Because of this you can sometimes hear the wooden ceiling popping in the quiet parts of the songs, so now you know the kind of tricky sounds I’m talking about.

I should mention, there was actually one other human that played on this EP. My friend Tim dropped by on the last day of recording and ended up laying down some piano and shakers for “June”. Thanks, Tim.

That's all I have to say. I hope you enjoy these new songs.

Brock Tyler
August 2011


released August 15, 2011

Produced and performed by Brock Tyler at Central Baptist Church in Edmonton, Alberta on May 9, 10, 23 & 24, 2011. All songs written by Brock Tyler (SOCAN). “The Flowers of April” © 2011. “On Saturday, Maybe”, “Just Like Chester Munday” and “The Snow In May” © 2010. "Because You Live" © 2009. “June” © 2008. Recording ℗ 2011 by Brock Tyler.

Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound.

Tim Batke played piano and shakers on “June”.

Thanks to Paul Gericke and all the staff at Central Baptist Church for generously providing me a space in which to record these songs; to Tim Batke for playing; and to Aaron Parker, Nathan Carroll, and Joel Tolhurst for lending me things that helped make this record possible.

Special thanks to Karmyn for supporting me as I worked on these songs and for pushing me to finish them.


all rights reserved



Brock Tyler Manitoba

Canadian songwriter and instrument player.

Songs on Yellowstone, Grey's Anatomy, Shameless, Riverdale, Ordinary Joe, Queen Sugar, a commercial about bacon, a Target Christmas commercial before they bailed on Canada, and others ... more

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