Summer Moon

by Brock Tyler

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Patrick Book
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Patrick Book I love Tyler's aesthetic. He writes quiet, deeply-affecting personal songs with that inexplicable sense of universality that makes everything he does relatable. You can check out more of his work here: Favorite track: Bike Riding.
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Recorded by Brock Tyler mostly in the spring/summer of 2013. Drums on tracks 3 and 4 were played standing up due to laziness. Drums on track 1 and 5 were played sitting down in accordance with the tradition of normal drumset playing dating back to early dixieland jazz, or perhaps even earlier than that. Someday we will invent a new way to play a drumset. Oh wait I just invented it.

And now, the story:

"Surfing. Mojitos. Suntans. Family vacations. Awkwardly pairing shorts and shoes. Hammocks. A/C. Feeling sad while indoors. Thunderstorms. Road construction. These are just some of the things that make summer what it is. And none of them have anything to do with this EP at all. Rather, the songs of Summer Moon semi-introspectively explore quiet city streets on warm, moon-filled nights by way of jangly guitars and synthesizers. So what are you waiting for? Take a walk with Brock around the block late on the clock for a real musical shock."


released July 17, 2013

All songs written by Brock Tyler.

Karmyn Tyler sang on "As The Moon Draws Water".

Thank you Aaron for the synths and art assistance. Thank you Tim for the drums and guitar and that sandwich the other day. Thank you Karmyn for singing. Thank you Canada (and all other countries as well). Thank you black tea. Thank you summer. Thank you talk radio.




Brock Tyler Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Why Do You Go From Me?
Oh summer moon
Oh summer moon
Why do you go from me?
Why do you go from me?

Nights of July
Nights of July
You never stay too long
You never stay too long

Heaven is walking through the streets with you on my skin
Why do you go from me?
Why do you go from me?

I am just walking through the park, the stars are lifetimes away
It is absurd but real
You are absurd and real
Why do you go from me?
Why do you go from me?
Track Name: As the Moon Draws Water
Waited for the summer, apple blossom trees
Dancing in the twilight
On the slow streets to the fast beat
And it brings me to you

As the moon draws water
From the ocean’s arms
As the moon draws water

I sleep through the sunrise though I like it some
But I’m made for the evening
All the soft light of the warm night
And I’m looking for you

As the moon draws water
From the ocean’s blues
As the moon draws water
Bring me close to you
Track Name: Bike Riding
Bike riding on a Tuesday night
All the stars are out and I feel alright
With nothing to do

Passing the trees and the houses in line
And the summer breeze, yeah it feels just fine
This city's blue and sometimes so am I
But I feel alright, I feel alright tonight

Corner store closing up at nine
All the magazines and fluorescent lights
But there's nothing to see

Except lovers walking slowly side by side under streetlamps
With their hands held tight and
This city's crazy but you know sometimes it can feel just right
It feels alright tonight

With you, just laughing and passing the cars
Moonlight on the street after the rain
Just you, follow me into the stars
I don't know where we're going but
We'll be alright
Track Name: I Don't Have An Answer
Oh precious thing, what should I sing
If not songs of lovely things?
Writing melodies as they come to me
But it’s sometimes hard to separate
All the words you should and shouldn’t say

I don’t have an answer
I’m just singing out cause I can
Singing cause I can

I’m through with being cool, I’m really just a fool
Never knew what cool kids do
And now I’m whisky dry, I need a lullaby
Growing up seems hard, I know
Until you’re all grown up with no place to go

I don’t have an answer
Gotta just get back to whispering
Things into the wind

My ship was coming in, sails were in the wind
I stood on the banks and everything
But then it never came, you know it’s just the same
There’s nothing prettier than August skies and
Empty oceans in your eyes

I don’t have an answer
I don’t have an answer
I don’t have an answer
But this day’s too beautiful to waste
That’s all I want to say
That’s all I want to say

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